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Pram of dogs was born out of wanting to work with classic synths and piece together a soundtrack for a film I had in my head. 

I started a film club where we watch really fun, avant garde and absurd movies and after a few years of  being exposed to a totally different style of cinema I started to crave a new sound for my compositions. I felt I’d spent far too long writing for picture and not challenging the format enough. 

I have a close friend who is an art restorer and I went to his studio and studied some of the paintings.  I found myself fascinated by the structure, process and faults within the pieces he showed me. I loved seeing beneath the frame, looking with UV light at the sketches and mistakes under the skin of the artwork. I became obsessed with how the structure of the painting, and the image were entwined. It completely inspired me.


I wanted to create a soundtrack by overdubbing the Pram of dog sessions. This soundtrack is a homage to the flawed chaos of those films that I have grown to love. It took time but it doesn’t seem to work any other way. 

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